Retouching Packages

Make your headshots pop with our Basic Enhancement Package, clear up unwanted lines, blemishes, or smooth skin tone with the Full Retouch Package, we can even removed braces, pluck eye brows, handle clothing mishaps, or adjust makeup with our Premium Package! We pride ourselves with knowing the best retouching is the retouching you can't tell is there!

Basic Enhancement Package: Correct color/density, slightly soften under eyes, eye enhancement and increased definition, slight blemish clearing and stray aways (few): $45.00

Full Enhancement Package:
  • Same as Basic
  • Soften/remove more age
    lines on face, under eyes or neck
  • Clearing stray hairs
  • Photoshop Facial


Premium Enhancement Package:

  • Can include the above notes
  • Braces
  • Eyebrow edits
  • Makeup adjustments
  • skin tone evening
  • clothing mishaps, and more!

Email for a quote or call 323-936-6106

Reproduction Packages

Our competitive prices aren't the only reason you should choose to print with us. We know that these headshots are so important to you and we take care of you every step of the way. Kelsey will personally approve the final print to make sure your order is the highest quality it can be!

25 -   8x10 photographic quality prints of one image -   $60

50 -   8x10 photographic quality prints of one image -   $85

100 - 8x10 photographic quality prints of one image - $125

**1 time per image set up fee required with printing packages above - Only $25.00



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