"Beautiful shot's Kelsey, thank you!" - Rita Wilson, The Art of Getting By, It's Complicated, Sleepless in Seattle

I think there is no one better than Kelsey to capture your look and personality. There is no one better in my opinion. She understands how to capture your essence and your marketability. - Mary Anna Dennard, Author of "I Got In!"

Thanks Kelsey! - Jason Dolley, Good Luck Charlie, Cory in the House

Thanks Kelsey! Not only are you terrific, but you're fast! - Jeff Foxworthy, Comedian, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader

Not only are you a great photographer, you are also a great person. I'm so fortunate to have found you, as is everyone who steps in your studio. - Johnny Simmons, actor The Greatest, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, Jennifer's Body

Thank you so much for all pictures! - Mitchell Musso, Hannah Montana

Thank you so much! You're the greatest! - Conner Rayburn, Old Dogs, According to Jim

You're the best ever! - Ashley Boettcher, Aliens in the Attic, Judy Moody

I think you're an incredible person and photographer. Any clients that need pictures will definitely be going your way! - Wendi Green, Abrams Artist

Cody (Linley) sure is loving your pictures in the Teen magz. I love them too! He'll mention you when they ask for his top photographers that he likes to shoot with. - Cathryn Sullivan, Acting Coach

It was a pleasure working with you and your staff. Having that much fun should be a sin but what can I say. Please tell everyone how much I enjoyed working with such a wild and whacky crew who basically broke my ribs for a good cause. Laughter is great for the soul!!!!!!!! - Bubba Jackson, radio and television personality

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! My Shoot has paid for ITSELF, 20 times Already, as of today!!! I can't thank you enough for the Amazing pictures! You made me feel soooooo comfortable and you REALLY went out of your way to make sure that JPervis was satisfied. I can't tell you how much it means to have such AWESOME photos to go along with my First Theatrical Debut! I can't stop BOOKING; - Sharon Morris, Green Lantern, Blind Side, Secret Life of Bees

We had soooo much fun! Thank you!!! Thank you!! Thank you!! I can't wait for the next one! - Quincy Jones Brown, Musician

We had such a great time shooting with you yesterday. The atmosphere and your professionalism with us showed us why you have been at the top of the game in photography for so long. Congrats to you and your staff. - CHEESE (about the shoot for Quincy Jones Brown)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my shots...
My staff loves their pictures...
And thank you for that.
- Rob Wagman, 92.3 NOW, NY

Her Catchlight Studios is a magic place. What are you waiting for? Call Kelsey... now! - Eveyln Halus, vocal coach/singer/songwriter

You are the best in the west.. No I take that back, the best ever. I just love your work, your spirit and your friendship. Thank you for terrific photos and being part of our team here. I adore you and love that you make all our clients happy, even us... Lol The pics look amazing!! - Sally Forcier, Forcier Casting

I HAD to write and say a HUGE thank you for such amazing work!!!! The kids all had a blast during their shoots, and now they are all receiving their headshots are all SO thrilled. Sarah, whose pictures are SO gorgeous, actually cried when she saw hers. - Ellen Lettrich, MS, CCC-SLP

Kelsey is amazing! She can make me look like a model - wow - wow that's talent! Love you lady! - Scott Vincent Borba, Celebrity Esthetician, CEO and Founder of BORBA skin care products

I received the images today and I LOVE them. They are wonderful! Just want to tell you that they came out amazingly. Thank you so, so much for all the hard work. It truly shows in the pics. - Kateri Lopez
Photo Editor of a Popular teen Magazine

The thing that I think is different about these photos is you really caught some very personal parts of me in a way that has not been captured before, I feel. I know these parts in my essence and how I see myself but I have not seen it reflected back in a photo in such a clear, direct way. I am most appreciative and thankful as well as amazed at how gifted you are. - Elizabeth Bauman, acting coach

I love it here, you know I do, I named my first book after you! - Fred Ephraim, author of "Kelsey's Quest"

email #1 - We've ordered, received, and three days later have Lily's first appt/interview with an agent! Thank you so much!
email #2 Lily has an agent!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. They were sooooo worth it.
- Leigh

I'm so happy to send people your way - I think you're a fantastic photographer. In fact, I'm helping out a talent agent for another week and she has all sorts of amazing clients - Cher, Richard Dreyfuss, Jennifer Connelly, etc - and I want to encourage her to send them to you! - Aimee

Thank you so much for the great job you've done with VJ. The photos are beautiful. I can almost see her soul on some of them. Thank you sooooooo very much!!!! We will be seeing you again. - Vera & VJ

Thank you! Kelsey is a truly gifted artist with a wonderful spirit. Thank you, Kelsey! - Arabella

We love the pix and had such a great time shooting with you. Julie at AKA is going to choose what she likes. And Pam Porter, one of the owners at AKA loves them. Thanks so much for making my daughter look amazing! - Kerry

All I can say is WOW!!!!! and thank goodness that CESD has to choose the shot cause I wouldn't know where to begin. - Janet

The extra things you do...do really make a difference to people, I wanted you to know that it looks like Constance will book a role in a wonderful film because of the photo you chose and sent me last night. - Janis

You brought out her heart and personality! Your staff and studio all made for such a welcoming and fun experience. - Cindy Shields :)

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