Q: Where am I going?

A: If you're looking for our location, click here. - >> Contact

If this is a philosophical question, follow where your heart leads you.

Q: What should I bring to the shoot?

A: After you book and pay the $200 deposit, you will receive a detailed email with everything you need to know to prepare, a checklist of what to bring, locations info, as well as some special tips and tricks for getting the Look that Works. Pretty enticing, non?

Q: What if I forget to call back and pay my $200 deposit?

A: Then you might show up only to find a handsome boy taking photos with Kelsey in "your" time slot.

Q: If I cancel can I get that $200 back?

A: No, the $200 deposit is transferrable but not refundable.

Q: How long is the session?

A: Plan on spending 90 minutes to 2 hours in the studio. Kelsey shoots until she gets the shot, so be flexible. Do yoga if you need help with that. We recommend Bikram.

Q: I am considering trying to get back into commercial modeling. How much do you charge for a headshot??

A. Headshots are for acting - commercials, film and episodic TV shows. Kelsey will not shoot full-length shots in a headshot session. Modeling shots are entirely different- check out our PRINT COMBOS. Unless you're taking the Charlize Theron route transitioning from modeling to acting, then go for headshot Session A.
>> Pricing Guide

Q: How soon after my shoot can I expect to see proofs?

A: In L.A., five business days. In other cities, 10 business days from when Kelsey returns to L.A.

Q. Why does it take so long in other cities?

A. Kelsey's tired! Kelsey shoots a lot of people in an out-of-town trip, and for everyone she shoots she personally spends time giving each client individual attention during the editing process. It's worth the wait for that alone.

Q: What if I have an audition?

A: Break a leg! Well... in that case, we have a Rush Fee for L.A.: 24 hour turnaround = $50. For other cities, it's a 24 hour turnaround from the day that Kelsey returns to L.A. Same fee applies.

Q: Do I need makeup?

A: If this is another philosophical question... true beauty is on the inside. But your agent might tell you differently. So... click the link below. For other cities, Lucky You! Makeup is included. In general, Kelsey recommends makeup for men and women. For children with clear, even skin tone, it's optional.
>> Pricing Guide

Q: What if I'm shooting with Kelsey in other cities, and I don't want or think that I need makeup?

A: It's a complimentary service that we provide and recommend that you take advantage of it. Kelsey is choosy about who she works with. We want you to look like you do when you go in for an audition. So if you don't, please speak up.

Q: Is hair styling included for a headshot session?

A: No. We recommend that you wear your hair styled the way you would to an audition. Make sure it's "camera ready". Kelsey will work with you to alter your looks.

Q: What if I want to completely change my hair, say from curly to straight?

A: If possible, schedule a shoot for two separate days unless you can keep the change under 10 to 15 minutes. Just make sure that we know ahead of time.

Q: Can I pay for a stylist to do my hair?

A: Yes, it's $50 per hairstyle change.

Q: How do I pay the makeup artist?

A: In L.A., please bring cash.

Q: Can I pay with a cheque?

A: No.

Q. Credit card?

A: No

Q: Pretty please?

A: No

Q: Stamps?

A: Why do you do this to me?

Q: Can I pay with hugs and gratitude?

A: Yes! But the makeup artist will still need cash. There's a bank and ATM just down the street.

Q: Can I talk to Kelsey before the shoot?

A. Sure! Before the start of every session Kelsey spends time with you to clarify what you want from the scheduled shoot. If you feel you need to talk to Kelsey before you come to the shoot, please call. In L.A. you can schedule a consultation or in other cities you can have a phone consult.

Q: Can I see my images at the shoot?

A: No.

Q: Even just one?

A: No.

Q: Can my Mom look?

A: No.

Q: My girlfriend?

A: No

Q: My Sherpa?

A: Maybe... we make exceptions for Sherpas.

Q: Can I get Kelsey's opinion on what images I should use?

A: Let me ask.... Kelsey actually spends a lot of time editing your images and chooses the top 100 or so. From there, she picks her favorites and brings them to the top in no particular order. The cream always rises.

Q: I've narrowed it down to 20 images, can Kelsey help me?

A: Yes, she'll probably tell you to go get some sleep. And then email us when you've narrowed it down to 8 to 10 images.

Q: I think that I look pretty good, do I still need retouching?

A: Enhancements are pretty much an industry standard and will make your image sizzle.

Heads Up! A little perk is that Minimal Retouch is included in the set up fee when you order reproductions through our studio. AND you can order in SMALL increments of 25 with us. Check it out.

>> Reproduction Packages

Q: My child is six, does she still need retouched?

A: We prefer to call it "enhancement" by correcting the color and density and giving that image special attention; it will make that perfect six-year-old face sparkle even more.

Q: Can I get my braces off in a Minimal Retouch?

A: No. Only your orthodontist can do that.
For special requests, we can give you a quote. "To be or not to be" is one of our favorites. Seriously though, for a price quote on special retouching requests just call us or fill out the online reproduction/retouching form and we will answer all your questions.

>> Reproduction Packages

Q: How long until I receive my prints?

A: That's a good question… this is one of the benefits of ordering through us. After you approve your image and we run a proof, we personally double check the color, cropping, retouching, font choice, border, and well… everything. Kelsey is very critical of what goes out so times vary; generally the whole process takes about a week from when you order until we send the prints to you.

A: Did you know?

Q: I thought I was asking the questions?

A: Well, I have one for you. Did you know that Kelsey shoots you with whomever you show up with at the end of your session?

Q: My mom would never agree to get a professional picture taken with me, she never thinks she looks good enough...

A: Shhhh… don't tell her! Let Kelsey persuade her. Remember, self-criticism wipes away every compliment you give your child, so have fun!

Q: WOW! Can I bring my whole family to the session?

A: Just bring the people that make you feel good.

Q: Well, my grandparents live next door and my cousins are in from New York...

A: Lucky you! We have family photo packages for the studio or on location. Call us for more info and check out our family shots.
- Family Gallery

Q: I want to start a family! Can I get doula advise and support?

A: Yes but not on Kelsey's time. Tweet me @maiadoula. Although Kelsey is prone to giving great advice and that comes with your shoot!

Q: Do you guys take yourself seriously?

A: No, as Clint Eastwood told us, just take your work seriously.

Q: I have a question that apparently is not frequently asked, what do I do?

A: Click Here.




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